Rice Global E&C Forum
Rice Global E&C Forum

2014 Results

Over 70 students participated in the Forum’s eighth annual Engineers Week Student Competition held on February 19, 2014. The event sponsored in part by the Fluor Corp. gave the same challenge to its engineers on the same day at its facilities around the world. The competition’s main sponsor is the Rice Global Engineering & Construction Forum and Rice’s George R. Brown School of Engineering. Rice is the only academic institution that took part in the challenge.

The lively competition was followed by pizza and soft drinks which were thoroughly enjoyed by competitors and judges alike. Judges from companies sponsoring the Forum participated in the event. Prizes awarded were for First, Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth places.

1st Place Team: The Liberal Arts Majors

team members l-r
Rui Wang, Leo Meister, Tung Nguyen

2nd Place Team: Sniper Sqwad 2.0

team members
James Griffith (not pictured: Will Eldridge, Massex Bascomb)

3rd Place Team: OLE

team members l-r
Julia Win, Lynn Gai, Ariana Kim, Sun Hye Kim

4th Place Team: Rice Bike Mechanics

team members l-r
Matthew Makansi, Andy Huang, Daniel Soto

5th Place Team: Sweet Home Alabama

team members l-r
Tony Ren, Henadz Horyn, Danyang Xiang, Richard Huang

Thank you Judges!

Your volunteer help made the competition successful.

Adham Sherkawy
Helen Wang
Yeli Wang

Andrew Harlan
Meredith Menzel
Melanie O'Sullivan

John Abughazaleh
Stan Cone
Nabeel Desai
David Levitt
Alan Lotrakul
Carols Menendez
Tom Phalen
Ahsan Quassem
Christopher Romanczuk
Shalin Shah
Jane Shi
Jessica Telles
Yvette Villarreal
Tom Wooley

Steve Angelo
Brad Broussard

Alan English
Noriko Fukuawa
John O'Neill
Glorimar Sepulveda
Bhumika Sule

Travis Stone

Justin Barras
Matthew Ledoux
Tobi Showunmi
Nathaniel Spangler

Mike Hyland
Martin Van Sickels