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The Rice Global E & C Forum is the only organization focused solely on the discussion and study of problems and opportunities facing the contracting side of the E & C industry. The Rice Global E&C Forum (RGF) has a vision to be the premier venue for discussion of critical issues impacting the future of the global E & C industry.

The mission of the RGF Council is to accomplish its vision through collaboration with Rice University, by conducting an Annual Forum and holding monthly roundtable meetings within a neutral environment.

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Date: Friday, June 9, 2017

“Digitization Strategies for Engineering & Construction in the era of Industry 4.0”  

Economists predict that the Fourth Industrial Revolution is set to cause fundamental disruption. Within the Engineering and Construction sector, a proliferation of data streams promises to provide new levels of diagnostic and predictive insight, both increasing efficiency and improving the likelihood of successful project delivery. However, a 2015 research project by MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte highlighted that, of the 18 sectors they studied, construction and real estate had the lowest level of digital maturity. Additionally, for this sector, the most significant barrier to digital progress was found to be the lack of an overall strategy.

If these trends continue without intervention, not only can we anticipate ineffective Project Controls characterized by unnecessary waste and inefficiency during project delivery, we can also expect many large, well-established organizations to be eclipsed by more nimble players who are willing to take advantage of new technologies.

Some of our industry’s leading companies are actively working to digitize their traditional practices but this is only delivering linear change. Digitizing existing practices largely restricts organizations to perform only Descriptive Analytics, simply automating data-gathering and traditional reporting. Exponential change and significant performance improvements can be enjoyed via practices that facilitate Diagnostic and Predictive Analytics. These approaches, combined with the aggregation of all related project data streams, will more effectively support data-driven decision making, not just during construction but, looping-back around in the lifecycle process, at program and project selection (i.e. when Funding Investment Decisions are made and all subsequent risk is framed).

This presentation will raise awareness and provide background information that will allow E&C companies to develop and lead an effective digital strategy in an era of Machine Intelligence and the Industrial Internet of Things.

Speaker: James Arrow, Lead Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton

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